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Weekly Roundup #7

Cheers for tuning in to our seventh weekly round up. We’re pleased to share an overview of some of our favourite links from the past week to help keep you on top of the latest trends & news in the digital marketing world. Want this round up delivered directly to your inbox? Subscribe to our […]

The voice search trend & SEO

Voice technology is on the rise. According to Google, 27% of the global online population is already using voice search on mobile, and the global voice commerce is expected to be worth $40B by 2022. Or in other words – this rising technology may be the key for successful brands in the future.  In digital […]

Digital marketing round up week 6
Weekly Roundup #6

This week’s digital marketing news is a round up you won’t want to miss. Find out how to evaluate your audience and how to better connect with them.

Get to Know Your Audience with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics platform. It allows you to track and analyze the performance of your website and the behaviour of the visitors it receives. It’s a pretty big platform that might seem scary at first – but we promise it’s not.  If you want to improve your website, but aren’t sure where […]

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Weekly Round Up #5

Thanks for clicking on Ogno’s Weekly Roundup. Here we share a curation of our favourite articles from the week. If you’d like this delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. Let’s get started! The Most Underrated Online Marketing Tactics You’re Probably Not Taking Seriously https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/underrated-marketing-tactics It’s not news that the world of marketing […]

Weekly Roundup #4

With another week of social distancing behind us, marketers and google alike continue to adapt to the resulting changes in behaviour. It’s not all bad though, we’re seeing lots of creativity and agility in the marketing space and this is certainly not the end of it.  Read on for this week’s hot tips and fun […]

Weekly Round Up #3

Hello ladies & gents – welcome to OGNO’s third weekly digital marketing roundup! In today’s roundup we’ll be sharing some of our favorite articles on the topics of digital marketing, search engines, business, startups, scaleups and innovation with you 😉   Since last week was a holiday, this week’s roundup is going to be extra juicy […]

5 SEO myths debunked

Wondering how to tell if what you’re reading falls under SEO myths, or advice to follow? There’s tons of advice and information on SEO out there. Some of it is helpful, but some of it might actually end up hurting your overall performance and ranking on search engines. The challenge is being able to tell […]

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