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8 most common SEO mistakes to avoid

“What are the most common SEO mistakes?” is a pretty common question. We’re all writing content primarily for humans, but search engines come as a *very* close second. So, it is no secret that content writing and SEO go hand in hand. With this in mind, we’ll be taking a look at 8 common SEO […]

5 SEO myths debunked

Wondering how to tell if what you’re reading falls under SEO myths, or advice to follow? There’s tons of advice and information on SEO out there. Some of it is helpful, but some of it might actually end up hurting your overall performance and ranking on search engines. The challenge is being able to tell […]

SEO is important for insurance companies
Should insurance companies invest in SEO?

To explain why SEO is so important to the success of insurance companies, I’d like to start by telling you my story… When I first came to Berlin, everyone around told me to get liability insurance. I was new in the city and didn’t have any contacts in the insurance field, so how was I […]

Are keywords still important for SEO?

Yes, keywords are still extremely important for SEO and search engine rankings. That’s right, SEO keywords are still important to your Google ranking and performance on all search engines. That’s because search engines, like Google, are getting ‘smarter’ and in doing so, they’re updating their behaviour to mirror us humans. Therefore, search engines require better […]

Google SEO: tips to get startups started

In case you weren’t able to make OGNO SEO Expert Darwin Wiranda’s workshop last week at Startup Incubator Berlin, don’t worry – we’ve got you. Keep on scrolling to find introductory slides with SEO tips for startups! From SEO basics, a quick Google’s algorithm overview, ranking factors, introduction into black hat SEO practices, to SEO […]

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